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♥️♥️Tribute To My MAA♥️♥️

NOTHING seems to say comfort like mothers’ home-cooked food. My late MAA cooked various Asian and Punjabi dishes at home. She came to West Malaysia from India after she married my father. She picked up English and Bahasa Malaysia easily in her conversations with the ladies in the local ‘kampong’. This enabled her to go marketing and get the right ingredients with ease. Our relatives still talk about how fast she could cook for unexpected guests and their memories of her delicious and food are still strong.

As young children, my siblings and I grew up eating her authentic and original recipes. We were blessed! As our family grew, my 2 sons and nephew were always lucky to taste her cooking. My MAA allowed me to help and watch her in the kitchen during school breaks. My confidence and comfort in the kitchen are a result of my MAA’s love for cooking and I am forever blessed because of this.

Love your Mother, the most beautiful person on this earth. Our best critic yet our strongest supporter.

A note from the heart...

I used to look forward to my school breaks and I found every opportunity to get involved or just watch her whipping up dish after dish. But of course, there were rules of ‘school-work first….and then whatever you want to do’. I remember my dad banned me from the kitchen as my school grades were ‘not satisfactory’. Oh! what pain I felt. I worked hard to change my grades and was allowed into the kitchen again, as well as cook fried rice for my family. What joy!

As I grew older, I took every opportunity to be in the kitchen with my MAA and watch and learn from her. This has led to who I am and my love for cooking and preparing food for my family and friends for every and any occasion. Everyone has a favorite ‘dish’and I am happy to oblige – as food brings us closer together.

The saddest part of my cooking journey is that I never mastered her sweet and savoury snacks. The smell of ‘sekarpare’ ‘gulab jamun’, ‘rassogulas, ‘muruku’,’coconut candy’ ‘tapioca steam cake’ ‘sugi cake’, ‘butter cake’ and many more are deeply missed by our families. Sometimes, we feel we can smell her food in our homes…..how the imagination teases us!

All recipes on my website are from food cooked at our homes. My niece Althea and grand-daughter Nadia are finally critics as well.

My hearts desire is that my family will start following MAA’s recipes on this site and start trying them out for themselves. Some members of my family have been watching me cook so I know they have the confidence to continue.

Love you MAA. Thank you for sharing your secrets of being a good home cook. Waiting to cook up a storm with you in HEAVEN one day MAA❤

Please do try out MAAs original recipes and share your feedback. She stays strong in my memory and I dedicate all that I cook for my families to her. She was the greatest mother and the most dedicated of cooks.

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